List of things that the Participants can bring with/cannot have on the territory of the festival.

OK Backpacks (maximum size of a school backpack)
OK Hats
OK Lighters
OK Mobile Phones
OK Sunglasses
OK Cigarettes
OK Raincoats
OK Eye Drops for Contact Lenses
OK Photo and Video Cameras
OK Prescription drugs
OK Insulin (with diabetics booklet and personal I.D. document)
OK Water in sealed bottle
OK Tents (in the camping area)
OK Food (only in the campin area)
OK Flags and Selfie Sticks
OK Pets
NO Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
NO Knives / Weapons etc.
NO Bottles and Cans
NO Alcohol
NO Outside Food & Beverages
NO Cash Refunds
NO Small Foldable Umbrellas


1.1. The behavior of The Participant shall observe the rules of conduct, the rule of law rules and the present TC. The Participant should refrain from actions which can threaten or offend in any way the security and rights of others.

1.2. The promoter is in no way liable for any damage (material or physical) caused by failure to observe the TC and may request compensation from the person guilty of violating it.

1.3. Inside the area of the Events Participants shall take care and not destroy the environment and the Arkhai Sculpture Park domain, including any type of buildings and surrounding green areas.

1.4. During the event, the Promoter, the Promoter’s partners or accredited press have the right to record and photograph the event. The Participant acknowledges that it is possible to appear in such material without the rights to make claims on those materials. The Promoter has the right to use said materials, to publish them on various channels (e.g. YouTube) and use them in advertising campaigns without compensating for the participant in any way.

1.5. There are artists who do not allow recording their show. Given this situation, the Organizer will announce on the Event’s Facebook Page that taking photos and recording videos during that show are completely forbidden.

1.6. The Participant acknowledges that inside the area of the Event it is prohibited to practice in any commercial or advertisement activity without the prior written consent of the Promoter.

1.7. It is prohibited to serve alcohol to Participants under the age of 18 (eighteen) inside the area of the Event. Drug use is illegal and strictly forbidden and will be punished according to the laws in force


Lost property shall be brought to the Lost & Found area (which will be marked accordingly on the event map). Owners can recover lost property following a procedure instated by the Promoter which consists of identifying the individual and the lost object. After the festival, the Promoter will keep the recovered items for a period of 10 days from the submission to the Lost & Found area and try to return them to their owners.


Across the festival grounds the Promoter provides security through a qualified partner accredited accordingly. During the event, participants undertake to cooperate, within the framework of the legal regulations, with these partners, and to follow their instructions in case of emergency. In case of a violent incident or the endangerment of the bodily integrity of others, security staff may decide to evacuate the people involved in the incident from the event’s premises.


Tickets purchased cannot be replaced, and their value cannot be refunded.


1. The Promoter is entitled, with immediate effect, to prohibit the access of a participant in the area of the festival, in whole or in part, or to invite a participant to leave the festival grounds, for infringement of a law or regulation currently in force in Romania or the present TC.

2. The Promoter shall denounce the use of counterfeited tickets to the relevant criminal authorities for investigation.


1. The Organizer has full rights to the names, trademarks, logos, email addresses, domain names or URL, signs used in correspondence, e-mail, business cards and other materials, signs, logos, and marks on materials, texts and all other information on or other channels that use the above mentioned in correspondence to BLANKISH. The above may not be copied, used or distributed for commercial purposes without the specific consent of the Organizer.

2. Logos, signs and all other information are the intellectual property of Organizer and are protected by European legislation.