For the moments you won't remember and experiences you won't forget!

MAY 19-20 2018, 2:00PM

Arkhai Sculpture Park
Cluj Napoca, Romania

About Us

Hello there. We don't know each other yet, but we will meet sooner than you're expecting. Don't ask what I'm doing here, I don't even know where I came from. From this world and or from the other, I keep one and only certainty, I am Ish. I cannot say for how many times I’m in this night club, it’s seems like it’s been forever. I stand against a black wall, just under an old fluorescent green neon. I need a cigarette. I don’t have time to find my lighter into my pocket… than it comes. All of a sudden I feel it growing in my mind, I feel it running into my vein, like a crazy will-o'-the-wisp. The Blank. The great wide Blank. Where Blank is the consciousness of the other reality.

I feel it growing in my mind, I feel it running into my vein, like a crazy will-o'-the-wisp. The Blank. The great wide Blank, the consciousness of the other reality. The free one, the one of non-judgmental and passionate minds. Blank is a state of mind, a great new perception over the world, which become one with myself ... I know something more about my past, with certainty. I come from the realm of awakening. I want to live for those moments. I want to pursue my quest and remember new memories, as the Blank enlightened me in its shape of darkness. I want to live for the moments one don’t remember and experiences one won’t forget. Just as the old me lived when he met Blank. For now, I know where I come from, but above all, I know where I want to go. I feel the deep need to organize events, to gather people, to connect with them, to make them find their own Blank, to find new memories of mine, to remember less nights, and to enjoy more experiences. I am Blankish. And I’m really looking forward to meet you. I'm half Ish, from the world of the awakened ones. I’m half Blank, the state of mind that Ish has met one night. I came to you because I organise a Blankish event and I want to share this experience with more like you. I am Blankish, and I’ll make you live nights that you won’t remember, and experiences that you won’t forget.

About Event

Among the beautiful scenery and art of the wide Arkhai Sculpture Park, Blankish is hosting a transcendent, 30 hours experience, connecting electronic music by various artists with workshops. You will get the opportunity to immerse yourself in street art, yoga with the Shaman Shapur, and the Maori performance art form poi! From beneath the head of a massive snail sculpture by Ernö Bartha, our DJ’s will be performing a wide range of groovy, minimal and techno. During these 30 hours, Arkhai Sculpture Park will be a small world on it’s own. Our food stands will provide organic food, and our bar sells everything, from soft drinks to the hardest liquor.

Line Up


Having played alongside romanian sound’s very best like Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, Barac, Priku, Herodot to name a few, vlf is considered an up and coming talent on the scene. With released tracks on labels like Tzinah Records, Vandalism Musique Group, Conceptual Records.

Pa Lee

Being a music enthusiast from an early age , Patrick was always seeking music in different corners, never stopping the search of underground Music. As this passion of searching developed thru the years, Patrick was invited to some parties because of the smooth selection he had. As this grew He started playing under the name Pa Lee , Pali being his nickname, and in the same time organizing events in his hometown under the name of Lechienne . His Selection varies between genres but it’s constant in spacey subtle sounds with grovey basslines creating o story to dance to.


Born in 1989 in Baia Mare ,Pavel declare himself an electronic music addict. He started playing music in Baia Mare under the name of Pavlov ,organizing partys with the desire to increse the local scene.Founder of "cocor." ( a project with the motto "Music brings people together " ) ,As a dreamer and a sound enthusiast he explored the variety of music,understanding and embracing techno/dub techno/deep house /ambient giving a big emphasis to continuity


Anastasia is a producer and, since recently, a DJ. Experimenting with different kinds of music throughout her life led to playing in different genres. It can go from something very tech and intense to something very deep and mellow. The main goal for her is to experiment in her sets, building different levels of energies and connecting to the atmosphere of the audience. She has been now DJing for almost a year, thanking the knowledge of production and passion for music-hunting for her progress. Being alone is what describes a peace zone for her and she realized how music is a chance for her to express herself.


Always silently listening and learning RZVN has developed a multitude of musical interests over the years - a path that's taken him everywhere between the calming realm of Deep and the dusty depths of Minimal. It is within the past 5 years that he started to truly define his musical direction, after moving to Denmark and getting in line with a group of local DJs and producers from whom he gained acknowledgement and started playing around. Slowly building a name for himself as a DJ and event organizer, he started collaborating with a local collective, which later on turned into one of the most popular club nights in northern Denmark and known as "Groovebox".


He is a Romanian Dj borned in Dej. His addiction towards electronic music is fulfilling him a dream, the dream of sharing this kind of music to the world. The first contact in this direction happend in 2005 in his hometown, where he performed as a resident dj for a good period of time. Also, during this time he was invited to many other parties, including abroad. The past few years have been found sharing the desk with important names like Cezar, Lizz, Cosmjn,Incolor,Milea,Paul K.Also playing at important festivals like Chronic Love,Untold ,MOX, Airfield. Usually the dynamic rhythm describes perfectly his vision of set.


Motiv started mixing at a young age, and has soon fully dedicated himself to music. You probably already heard him playing during festivals. After just a few years of experience, he shared his desk with both local and international names (Vera, Andrey Pushkarev, Izhevski, Barac, Herodot, Premiesku...) Motiv is inspired by the Romanian electronic vibes. He combines, following his own style, experimental minimal-house and techno, in a very personal and distinctive way. You can feel his will to do million things, and his numerous passions, in the music he plays. Motiv is a man with a big heart, making big music.


Lurre is a 23-year-old aspiring artist born in Botosani (Ro). He is currently living in the core city of Transylvania, Cluj- Napoca, a city known for its ability to remain young and dynamic. His motto "minimal // techno // feelings" says it all: the music he makes should be perceived as a combination of the two musical genres, both deeply urban, but with a touch of the third ingredient – feelings.


Influenced by both minimal and techno, Ciakar is getting on stage during festivals, for more than 6 years. He shared the scene with lots of great and famous artists (GOLAN, Silent Strike, Troy Pierce, Cameea...) Ciakar is a master in playing techno, tech-house, minimal and deep, combined harmoniously with different influences from other genres. Each of his sets attempts to convey a story, generally inspired by the daily routine, through sounds sometimes considered banal, intangible and subtle, but carefully selected, musically transposed, to become a perfect value with a perfect rhythm.


Ertmi is an underground musician full of ideas and creativity. His musical activity is focused on minimal, deep-tech and tech house genres. His personal mission is to bring the people on the dance floor. He enjoys having a connection with his audience, and he is looking for an exchange of pleasant energies. The result is always memorable. When it comes to musical production, each song represents his mood at the time. He never lets himself be guided by standards. The songs that he presents to his audience are standing out through rhythm, technique, newness, and the feel of this unique “special something”. Ertmi creates madness with his beat.


Part of the Blank from the very beginning, they are two of the most friendly guys from Oradea, with an adorable and sexy Hungarian accent. They started juggling with the music in the early ages, while their school friends were collecting yo-gi-oh! Cards and Pokemons. Their large musical selection illustrates the open-mindedness of these magical characters. Their inspiration comes both from the electronic music scene and the 70' 80' 90' music! Jazzy vibes and analog groves, crazy and brave musical appearance, unexpected sound and vibe alert, unexpected insane b2b's : they set fire to the stage regardless if it's the day or the morning. You'll never get cold while their jog wheel is rolling!


Onyk is a charming guy who has started to play minimal techno music a couple years ago. He can heal your heart while he is playing. His motto is R.I.C.H., which stands for “Realising I Create Happiness”, around him and for the people listening to his incredible sound. His music is like a touch of Gods, full of sensations and a mixture of feelings. Onyk will warm your spirit at the afters but is of course able to lead the main stage at any time, with brio.


Badinule is born in 29 July 1992 in a small town in Romania, named Dej. The band has started to play all kind of music, in the local disco scene at an early age, but has always had a "crush" on house music. The new development of the romanian sound with influences from the foreign techno scene, has motivated Badinule to start playing techno for friends. The band describes its sound as charismatic. Badinule has a clear passion for making people smile and just dance freely.


420 Spot - Streetart

There is one thing which should not stay blank, the wall! You are invited to free your art and imagination, making street art and paintings on a wall. Colourful paint sprays will be disposed all around the area, covered with canvas. Let’s be inventive, let’s go psychedelic, let’s surround the place with craziness and colours! The best artist will will win the possibility to share a launch with the Blankish team and some music artists present during the party!�(For this activity, you must subscribe during the event)

Yoga With Shapur

Blankish propose you to practice yoga in the atypical Arkhai Sculpture Park. You will meet the magical Shaman Shapur, who will guide and advise you. Listening to his wise open-mind in this environment, is a paroxysm of fullness. Deeply connected with music and nature, he has developed his own dance movements. Shapur is a free spirit, a sparkling and peaceful man, as you meet only once in your life.

Poi Dancing

Blankish give you the unique opportunity to observe the Poi fire dancing! Poi is an ancestral maori tradition.The maori used to juggle with weights on fire, describing circle or bewitching forms into the air. Dancers will set fire to the night, glowing in the darkness while the platines are roaring, and feel the power of the old worlds heritage.

Rafa Photographer

Based in Aalborg Denmark, creative Photographer with ADHD, often seen in two places in one time, shooting most sexy festival pics and spreading lots of fun. Covering such major events as Metropol Festival, Unlimited Festival and Chill i Parken armed himself with big pack of experience, which makes his pictures most vibrant, interesting and caught in right second. Expect the unexpected.


Blankish has not chosen Arkhai Sculpture Park by hazard, to hold the party. This huge green park is inhabited by curious and impressive statues. These animals, distorted humans and abstract forms are coming from the mind of the genius artist Ernö Bartha. You enter the park from a wooden portail, which stands between stone walls. The owner of the park lives there, producing eco food that will be sold during the event. It’s a sustainable place, with numerous trees, and sparkles of mysticism flowing all around. There are some places where you feel that magic is real. Arkhai Sculpture Park is undoubtedly one of them.

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