For the moments you won't remember and experiences you won't forget!

After Story

Two weeks ago, we spent 30 crazy hours, together in Arkhaï Sculpture park. We lived two incredible days, full of beauty and peace.

During the week before the event, while the Blankish team was preparing the spot, it has been raining hard. But, the hot sun rises in the early morning of the event, together with the warm weather, and kept shining during two whole and bright days.

Is it some magic from Shapur? The mystic shaman was talking with the Sun, the Moon, and the Universe from the highest point of the park. All of us were close to reach them. We were in harmony with the earth, the celestial objects, the music, and each others good vibes.

The bar was surrounded by a cheerful atmosphere, and the stages as well. The DJs were at their best and made incredible performances. You didn’t stop dancing, and you spread so much hapiness, love and tenderness that I am incredibly grateful.

You can see all of this magic alchemy on the awesome pictures taken by Rafael. He definitely knows how to catch the moments which are counting. And your shiny smiles on the pictures are saying a lot about these moments.

Blankish adventure is far from being finished. We will meet again, somewhere in Europe, sooner than you are expecting. We still have moments to forget and experiences to remember!


Closing (ONYK b2b Badinule)

Closing set (ONYK b2b Badinule)




Pa Lee b2b PAVLOV

RZVN b2b Anastasia

Special thanks goes to

Blankish organizers (Blank & Ish):

•Paul Bogdan •Raluca Pelin


•Mihai Biro •Bogdan Condorachi •Aline Jane Isa •Adrian Gordan •Rafael Zajac •Shapur Afrand Ghandforoush •Anca Andronache •Georgiana Crisan •Andrei Aldea Crisan •Tamas Kovacs •Mircea Timonea •Caian Bogdan •Cristian Sevastian •Sabina Molocea •Raul Ferenti •Suhani Horatiu •Tudor Lazar •Vlad Maxim


•vlf •Motiv •PaLee •Pavlov •Lurre •Ciakar •Ertmi •gHeriCk •ONYK •Badinule •Anastasia •RZVN •Tiberiu


•Mandala Tales •Nora Oros •Poi Team Dancing

Together, we did it, guys!

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